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Contrary to popular opinion, just because you teach a topic, doesn’t mean you cannot learn something along the way.

I have been helping clients learn all about the wonders and usefulness of Google Analytics for quite some time now. And during that time I picked up a few tidbits of wisdom that I would like to share.
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I will limit my list to 10 items. There may be more. But these are the big ones.

In no specific order of importance:

1) Google Analytics is a constantly changing/evolving product.
2) I haven’t met anyone who cannot learn GA.
3) You don’t have to be a geek to learn Google Analytics (related to number 2 I suppose).
4) People get the most out of learning GA when they are looking at data that is important to them. Data from their own website.
5) I learn something new in every class I teach (I am okay with that).
6) There is no business that will not benefit from gaining a deeper and broader understanding of their Google Analytics data.
7) A workshop attendee stumps me with a question during every session. I take it well. 😉 Actually, it makes me quite happy, as for me, my students are thinking.
8) I have never had a class that finished early. Attendees get excited and keep on asking questions. I am okay with that too.
9) There is no such thing as a dumb question.
10) One can never stop learning (more of a lifelong lesson).

There you have it. Feel free to add your thoughts on Google Analytics learning in the Comment Section (see below).

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