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LinkedIn is a professional networking site. According to their website, they have 17 million members worldwide, representing 150 industries. Members are mostly entrepreneurs, executives and business owners.

Why join?

People use LinkedIn to network and build connections, demonstrate expertise in their field (LinkedIn Answers), explore partnership options, or find out about job opportunities.

However, it is also a great way to build your online profile and increase your visibility on the web.

Check out this LinkedIn Profile: Barack Obama

In terms of getting found on the web, here are the benefits:

1) Enhance your online reputation
You create your own profile on LinkedIn. Web searchers find information on you – that you have written.

2) Improve your search engine results

LinkedIn profiles are indexed by search engines. These professional profiles receive a fairly high ranking from Google.

3) Increase web traffic

You are given up to three external links by LinkedIn in your profile. You can link to your website(s), blog and/or other online profiles. LinkedIn gets web traffic, your profile get hits – and in turn your website / blog gets clicks.

This is a strategy that may help you… it has helped me!

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