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A Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is quick to set up and launch. It provides you with an opportunity to advertise to web users that are searching for your services or products. However, too often business owners do not invest the time to fully understand how to write an effective text-based Google ad before they launch their first campaign.

A Google text ad has three components:

Ad Title (25 characters, including spaces)
Ad Text (2 lines of 35 characters, including spaces)
Display URL (25 characters, including spaces)

Here are three most common mistakes in each section:

1) Using your company name in the ad title

The title is the headline (first line) of the PPC text ad. It should be used to attract the web viewer. Your business name has little or no value. Use a good phrase with a keyword(s).

2) Using a company generic description in the ad text
The ad copy appears below the title. It should be related, integrating keywords that you are bidding on. Include a “call to action”. Simply using your company ‘s generic description has little or no value in terms of keyword relevancy. Furthermore, if there is no action-oriented word, this can negatively affect your click through rate. Write your copy as one or two sentences rather than two lines of text as it is easier to read.

3) Using your main web address as your destination URL
Below the ad copy is the display URL. This is your company’s web address that appears in the last line of the AdWords. The destination URL is the web page that your web viewer arrives on when they click on your ad. This should be a landing page designed specially for this ad with related information. Using your home page URL provides little value, as your new web visitors must hunt for the information they did a search on.

PPC Ad Examples:


Web Design Company building websites and redesigning sites since 2004.
webfuel.wpengine.com (links to home page)

The text ad example above would likely work for print advertising (rather than one driven by keywords)


Get Found on the Web

Search engine friendly websites and site redesigns. See Feb Promotion!
www.WebFuel.ca (links to landing page)

So why should you care?

There are two reasons to build an effective ad copy. First of all, you cannot buy your way to the top. If your AdWords does not get the clicks, it will drop in the rankings. Secondly, even if your copy is good enough to get past the impression stage, you may experience a high drop off rate once the web searcher reach your site. Many business owners miss the opportunity with a new prospect because they do not provide them with the exact information that they searched for in their query. Low PPC visibility on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and high website exit rates will not give you the R.O.I. you require for a successful campaign.

Remember it is all about keywords. Use them in the title and text – and monitor your results. Don’t just create one ad. Test and improve multiple ads throughout your campaign.

Always keep an eye on what your competitions is doing.