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Using your favourite search engine, try a search query on “click here” and check out the search results. I used Google and it provided me with 1,610,000,000 listings (Yikes!). So…. why are there so many results for this keyword phrase? In reviewing, you will see that most are due to the anchored text used in the link. These navigation links tell web visitors where they should click to access additional information. But do we really still need to identify links in a web page? Aren’t web surfers savvier than that?

And… from a search engine visibility perspective, the big question is… why would you possibly want to get found for this keyword phrase?

Search engines love links – and they pay special attention to the text embedded in a link as this usually indicates what information will be found after the click.

So… here is an example.

Goal: You want people to become a member of your organization.

Example 1: To join, click here
Example 2: Join ABC Organization

The second example not only avoids insulting web visitors but also provides keywords phrases in the link that can impact search engine rankings.

Isn’t it time to modify the text in your links to include keywords?