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It seems like a simple question. And… usually most businesses respond with a quick “yes”. Since over 90% of people use the Internet to find information, it is no doubt an important place to get found. So… what’s the problem?

There are three common myths and misconceptions that hinder businesses from getting found on the Internet.

1. Build it and they will come
Just because you have a web presence does not mean you will get found. Sure, if a web user has your web address or a referring site sends them your way – you can get found. But, what if you are targeting new clients? Simply having a website does not translate into getting found in a web search.

2. I rank number one in Google
There is no doubt that having the top position in a natural listing of a search engine results page (SERP) is ideal. But, for what keyword or phrase? If it is for your business name or personal name (maybe you are a real estate agent) that is good. But what if you are targeting new prospects? They will be using search engines to find your product or service (not searching for your name).

3) Not thinking beyond one’s own web presence
So… you have a site that can get crawled and indexed by Google and the other major and specialty search engines. Again, this is ideal. But what are prospective customers finding out about you or your company via the web? Many web searchers go beyond your website. They check what else is published on the Internet in forums, customer reviews and news articles (just to name a few).

So… ensure that you have a web presence and “copy” that is search engine optimized. You will get found in a web search for targeted keywords. And don’t stop there – manage your business and personal online reputation!

Are you getting found on the web – really? And in a good way?