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Happy Canada Day from everyone here at WebFuel!

WebFuel is Proudly CanadainAs some of you may know, I recently graduated from Bishop’s University. The graduating class of 2010 had the pleasure of having Rick Mercer speak at our convocation ceremony. His speech was short and funny, but with a strong message – get intimate with your country. I could relate to this. I’ve traveled from coast to coast and I’ve got to say – he’s right. Our country is so vast and beautiful – there is so much to see. Our provinces are much bigger than most European countries. I would recommend to anybody to take him up on his recommendation, and go get intimate with Canada.

I am what you would consider a “Proud Canadian” – a strong advocate for this great country of ours. I always wear my maple leaf proud wherever I go, so as you can imagine I’ve heard all of the stereotypes. And no, I don’t own a pet beaver, live in an igloo, or take a canoe to work…and I do in fact have FM radio – but I prefer my iPod.

Many people still believe that Canada is behind the times, when in fact for the most part we are on the leading edge of most technologies and trends. Canadians have truly adopted the internet and Social Media and we can proudly boast that we are among the World leaders in these categories.

WebFuel believes that Canada will only continue to be a search and Social Media pioneer. The conversation about your brand is happening. Are you listening? Are you engaged? Are you building relationships with your consumers? You should be.

We are Canadian. Our clients are Canadian. We specialize in Canadian Search and Social Media.