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As we were a Sponsor of this year’s event, I thought I’d provide a high level overview of the Digital Strategy areas of learning that were reviewed at the Digital Strategy Conference (Ottawa – June 3-5, 2013).

Where to start? Three solid (and I mean SOLID!) days of no holds barred all things digital “stuff” & networking. The myriad of (imminently qualified) presenters & facilitators discussed the following Digital Strategy topics:

  1. Establishing Your Digital Maturity: You really have to know where you stand before you can establish a strategy!
  2. Defining your Digital Strategy: Figuring out which strategy works for you & your business. Hint: There are a ton of them!
  3. Organization and Operational Readiness: Understanding whether or not you are ready to take the plunge.
  4. Content Strategy: There is no shortage of stuff to publish. The key is to have a succinct plan of what you intend to do — around what you intend to publish.
  5. Mobile to Multiscreen: Getting your content on the myriad of devices out there – without losing your intended audience.
  6. Social Strategy – Earned Media: Determining the best Social Media platform to leverage in order to get you message out to your targeted audience.
  7. Making Sense of Paid Media: Lots of ways to spend your money. No doubt about it. Getting the best bang for your buck.
  8. Data Strategy and Digital Analytics: Why bother implementing a digital strategy if you cannot measure your successes (failures?)
  9. Digital Strategy Case Studies: Reviewed all areas of study against a private sector business or not for profit entity.

Keynote: Nancy Richardson talked about how she rock & rolls things at Lululemon.

Each area we discussed could have been the subject of a conference in its own right. I suspect that this is what will eventually happen. Judging by the constant dialogue we all witnessed on @Twitter, I think I may be right.

What was advertised by the fine folks at @dstrategycon

My Take (overall impressions):

  1. Lots and lots of great information. I was aware / familiar with most of it. Most of it we practice with our clients (and ourselves).
  2. A few things were new to me. That’s what constant learning is about.
  3. The speakers were well-versed in their particular areas of expertise.
  4. My favorite presenter? They were all good in one way shape or form.
  5. Lots of great peeps in the audience
  6. Super (and insightful) questions throughout the 3 days
  7. @kellykubrick & @andreahadley did a superb job of pulling this thing together. It did not seem like a first time Ottawa event to me.

Things will only improve over time.

My personal highlight: The keynote by Nancy Richardson.

What was missing? More discussion about SEO. 😉

There’s more on the Digital Strategy Conference Blog.

I think this will be an ongoing conversation. It seems that @Twitter is the venue of choice for ongoing discussion. So follow #dStrategy on @Twitter if you want to stay in the mix!