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We hear a lot in the news about disasters – and the importance of developing a Disaster Recovery Plan. Good strategy! We have one. I find it interesting however that few businesses have a strategy in place to protect their brand on the web. What do I mean? Well… ask yourself the following question: “What impact would it have on our business if we disappeared from organic search?” If the answer is “BIG”, then read on…

Sometimes the job of a Search Strategist (SEO) is more like a Search Detective. Having said that, we just solved “The Case of the Stolen Identity”. Yes – this does happen. Recently, an Ottawa business became an online victim of a local competitor (not only in the same industry but also located in exact same area of Ottawa). This new client not only lost business but during this ordeal, their brand took a real beating. In terms of their search ranking, we are still working on it.

So…. enough of the horror stories (let’s keep that for Halloween).

What can you do? Be prepared!

Solution: Google AdWords Campaign

It is simple. It is cost-efficient. And…. if you only run one Google AdWords campaign, we recommend this one.

Campaign Checklist

Campaign Name: Brand Protection
AdWords Format: Text Ads
Network: Search
Your company name – and variations (including misspellings & typos). Also include your branded products (if applicable). If you are a business owner, you may wish to bid on your name as well.
Ad Copy:
Description of your services or products.
Destination URL: Home page
Location Targeting:
Your service area
English and/or French (if both you will require two campaigns)
Select all (includes computers as well as mobile devices)

Brand Protection Ad Example

For those with a limited budget, you can set up the campaign and keep it on pause. Active if needed.

And… if you have never used Google AdWords, they are currently offering $75 free advertising for Canadians. Check it out today. You have nothing to lose – and only something to gain.

Remember: Never overlook the importance of managing your business reputation on the Internet.