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I have been immersing myself In Google Tag Manager (GTM) and it’s pal Universal Analytics (UA) for over a year. The relationship has been rocky at times. But perseverance (mine) has prevailed. Together they have come to be my Analytics Dynamic Duo. Not quite like Batman & Robin. But close nevertheless!


In the past I have written about Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics. This time I am going to outline some of the awesome things you can track when you pair these two awesome (free!) products together.

In no special order:

1) Downloads (PDFs etc…)
2) Form submissions (contact forms)
3) eCommerce transactions (Soup to Nuts)
4) Video interactions (IE YouTube)
5) Social Media interactions
6) Cross domain tracking (nefariously difficult to set up in the past)
7) Third party Ad Tracking (DoubleClick, MediPlex, etc..)
8) Third party Remarketing (AdWords, AdRoll, etc..)
9) Third party Audience Tracking (comScore, VisualDNA, etc..)
10) Track interactions with most any device

Pretty much any website interaction imaginable.

Over the past 16 months, I have seen the list grow in depth and capabilities. And there is no end in sight!

And the best part is that Google Tag Manager helps reduce the ongoing costs associated with IT’s involvement in adding the requisite code each time Marketers come up with something new they want to track. Overall you will realize a reduced implementation timeline for your tagging (short & long term).

So greater tracking capabilities, less expense & quicker time to market.

The Analytics Dynamic Duo indeed!

The aforementioned aside, implementing GTM and Universal Analytics requires a concrete plan that involves all key stakeholders and the implementation of best practices that take into consideration everyone’s requirements.

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