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Numerous clients have asked me “When is Google going to upgrade my GA account to the new Universal Analytics?” – or some version of this question.

Here’s a brief update along with a few things you need to know:

1) Google is very aloof with their answer. Nobody (outside of Google) knows the “exact date”.
2) As soon as they figure out the issues surrounding dc.js,  automatic upgrades will start to take place.
3) There will be a phased approach to the upgrades.
4) You won’t loose any data when the upgrade happens. But you will get more GA features (once you implement the new UA tracking code)!
5) Google: “Users will not receive notification prior to the auto-transfer, but will see a status message on the tracking code page in their accounts regarding the progress of the upgrade. Users can implement a version of the Universal Analytics tracking code when their property transfer is complete.”
6)You should get in front of things, rather then waiting for “something” to happen.

Due to the high volume of GA accounts we manage & maintain, I’ll be watching things very closely. So expect to hear more from me as things progress.

Here are the latest details from Google.

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