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If your website is not getting found on the web, it may be running low on Google Juice. So… what is Google Juice? It is a search engine optimization (SEO) term that refers to how strong / valuable your site is from Google’s perspective. For example, a site with lots of Google Juice ranks high in a Google search.
Google optimization is now the norm for SEOs since this search engine outperforms its competition by a long shot. Therefore, the value Google places on your site becomes the primary concern for search engine optimizers.

Google Juice

So… how do you boost your Google Juice?

Aside from good content, it’s all about links. But not just any link. They need to be trusted authoritative inbound links with good PageRank (PR is a metric assigned to sites by Google). In other words, the more strength a link has – the better the link juice. As these powerful links increase, they add value to your site and as a result your search rankings improve.

Think of it as WebFuel!