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This is the most common question asked to our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company – and likely to all our competitors as well. And… if any company that you are considering doing business with tells you that they can guarantee this – don’t just walk; run for the hills. In these cases, often “Black Hat” techniques are used which can put you at risk of getting blacklisted.

SEO companies do not own the search engines – and cannot control query results. However, they can improve your online visibility in search engines and increase your rankings for specific keywords. In addition, modifications to optimize your site will help you become more search engine friendly.

Five golden rules to live by:

  1. Webmasters guidelines published by Google should be followed.
  2. Your website should be search engine friendly (in this case, Google friendly).
  3. Quality inbound links that give you credibility with search engines should be built (and monitored).
  4. Content is still king. Key words and phrases that web searchers use in their queries should be embedded into your text – and keep content fresh (AKA updated).
  5. Invest is your prime online real estate (home page). It should not only have content but it should be optimized for search engines.

Ranking higher in natural or organic listings in Google and the other search engines takes time – and lots of work. There is no quick solution however getting found on the web is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.

Isn’t it time for your business to improve its ranking in the number one search engine?