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It is likely common knowledge that if you want to improve your rankings in search, it all begins with keywords. A good strategic Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Plan starts with Keyword Research and Analysis. On the organic side of search, these keywords are integrated into your website. This includes SEO coding (what search engines view rather than web visitors) as well as within the content of your web pages (viewed by both).

So… Does the keywords meta tag improve your Google rankings?

While I have blogged about SEO myths in the past (Myth Three: Meta keyword tags improve rankings), this optimization strategy still exists. The problem is that not all SEOs or companies that offer Search Engine Optimization (usually an add on) are keeping up with search. And… this is an under statement because if you are optimizing your site for Google, we are actually going way back to the early days of Google.

Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web search. And…don’t take my word for it; here is Matt Cutts, Google Software Engineer.

So… as far as organic search results are concerned, they make no difference. In other words, adding keywords to your meta tags will not help your website rank any higher. It’s just a waste of time.