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Google recently redesigned the campaign management tool in Google AdWords to make things easier and faster. This new interface is currently optional (beta version) and it can be accessed when you are logged into your account. If you are an AdWords advertiser, I recommend that you explore this user interface, all of the new features as well as web browser requirements.
So…. here is a preview:

Google AdWords New Interface

Google Adwords New Interface

You will be receiving an email from Google (if you haven’t already) advising you that your account will be converted to the new interface in the near future.

How can you get ready for the switch?

Google has provided lots of resources to help AdWords users learn more about the upcoming interface as well as to understand the changes.

1. Watch: Overview of the New Google AdWords Interface

2. Attend: Webinars for the New Google AdWords Interface

Starting this week, Google will be holding weekly free webinars. The first one will be held this Friday, June 19th.

3. Read: Google AdWords New Interface Guide
The Guide to Changes in Camapaign Management is available in PDF format.

And… ensure that you are using one of the supported web browsers which currently includes Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7 and Google Chrome.