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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

WebFuel specializes in PPC consulting, audits, strategy development & campaign implementation for large organizations.

What We Do Best

  • Platform selection
  • International PPC / PPC for Canadian brands
  • Campaign tracking, analysis & recommendations

WebFuel has been involved in online advertising since the early days of Internet Marketing. Founded in 2004, we were one of the first agencies in Canada to offer integrated search strategies, which include online ads. We understand the complexities of Pay-Per-Click advertising and the challenges of where to advertise online. In addition, we have an in-depth knowledge of keyword competition and the ever-changing competitive landscape. WebFuel provides PPC consulting, optimization and ongoing ad campaign management. We do this everyday. So we think we are pretty darned good at it!

How WebFuel Gets Results

WebFuel uses strategic PPC tactics as well as the integration of organic search (when required) into our customized solutions.

We specialize in:

  • Cross channel advertising and retargeting
  • Ad campaigns aligned with the customer journey
  • Landing page and conversion optimization
  • Channel performance reporting

So what is our approach?

WebFuel positions our clients strategically and uniquely in paid search. We focus on improving our clients’ rankings, clicks and conversions and on delivering visible & measurable results. Rather than being novice Search Engine Marketers (SEMs), we are strategic ones. We find the right online advertising placements for our clients based on their unique marketing goals.

Having issues getting results from your paid search? We can help!
Here’s how:

Search Engine Marketing

Do you need to get “in front of new customers” by advertising on the pay-per-click engines? PPC can be tougher than it looks. The “choice-overload” can be overwhelming. The digital marketing landscape is changing fast – and it is hard to keep up. Heck we have a difficult time doing so ourselves. And we do this every single day! WebFuel provides PPC audits, strategy development, implementation and on-going campaign management for our clients. This includes paid ads on the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! (and other speciality search engines).

Social Media Marketing

Are you searching for the “right placements” for your target audience? Social Media has become increasingly popular and provides a great online marketing opportunity for many of our clients. Good targeting is the key to success. WebFuel provides strategy development, implementation and on-going campaign management for our clients. This includes paid ads on popular social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook as well as YouTube and other unique social media properties. We make sure that your online advertising funds are spent in the most efficient manner possible.

Mobile Search Marketing

Are you new to targeting your online ads to mobile devices? Mobile search continues to grow rapidly and can have a big impact on businesses that depend on local search. Google is one of the major players in mobile search; delivering ads with new features rolling out on an ongoing basis. WebFuel provides mobile strategy development, implementation and on-going campaign management for our clients. We also optimize landing pages for mobile devices.

Paid Placements

Searching for more visibility for your brand on the web? Paid placements allows you to appear on targeted website(s) across the Internet – typically as a banner ad or an online advertisement. Determining placement is based on where your prospective customers are online. WebFuel provides digital advertising strategy development, implementation and on-going campaign management for our clients. We also help with in-house tracking.

French PPC

Oui – nous faissons aussi “PPC” pour les sites web canadiens français!

Brands that trust us with their AdWords data

WebFuel Client: Nokia

Quite simply, the web is where your customers are looking for you and pay-per-click advertising can be a valuable addition to a well-developed online marketing strategy.

If you have become frustrated, over burdened or simply disappointed with your PPC advertising campaigns, WebFuel can help. We love this stuff, and will treat your campaign as if it was our own!

PPC measurement (return on ad spend) is all about conversions – getting new leads, customers etc. PPC must, in our opinion, be measured by its impact on your bottom line.

Are you getting found on the right PPC platforms? You should be.

At WebFuel, we love data, and explaining it in plain English. We are easy to talk to.

Got questions? Not sure how to get started? We can help!

Get Rankings. Get Clicks. Get Conversions.

Who we are

WebFuel is an experienced, ethical and knowledgeable full-service Search Results Agency committed to helping International and Canadian clients be successful on the web.

Our Credentials

WebFuel is a trusted Google Partner. Google AdWords Certified. Google Analytics Qualified.