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Search Engine Optimization

WebFuel specializes in ethical SEO consulting, audits, strategy development & implementation support for large enterprises and complex websites.

What We Do Best

  • Data analysis
  • International SEO / SEO for Canadian brands
  • SEO for Bilingual, Multiregional and Multilingual Sites

We have a deep understanding of how Search Engines work, the searcher’s intent across the customer journey;  as well as what drives the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). SEO (and everything related) is what we do!

How WebFuel Gets Results

WebFuel uses both on-page and off-page SEO strategies as well as the integration of paid search (when required) into our campaigns. We also provide our clients with assistance in identifying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for search campaigns and the associated metric measurements.

We specialize in:

  • Global search engine targeting
  • Building a search audience for products, services and solutions.
  • Search intent for cross-channel lead generation
  • SEO for site migration
  • Channel performance reporting

Organic search should be your primary marketing channel. Period.

So what is our approach?

Every client is unique. So is our approach to SEO. It is always based on your needs and is specific to your industry. Usually we begin with an SEO audit, along with an in-depth competitor analysis, followed by a deep dive into your content strategy, and technical optimizations.

Having issues getting results from organic search? We can help! Here’s how:

SEO Audit

Is your organic search channel underperforming? WebFuel will provide you with an unbiased SEO audit that analyzes your web properties from a Search Engine perspective. After all, it’s “all about the search engines”. We identify issues (major & minor) and provide strategic SEO recommendations as well as implementation support.
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Competitor Analysis

Unsure what your competitors are up to in search? WebFuel provides customized competitor analysis that helps you understand what they are doing – and where. It is based on your products, services and solutions.

Keyword Research

Not sure if you are targeting the right keywords? WebFuel provides customize organic keyword research and selection based on your marketing goals and KPIs. We can also help with keyword targeting for your website. Keywords are the foundation to good SEO.

Link Building (Link Acquisition / Link Earning)

Do you need more link juice with the search engines? WebFuel provides link audits (including competitive link analysis and identifying link spam), strategy development and implementation support to address link issues and drive more qualified web traffic to your site. Links are SEO fuel.

Local SEO

Having trouble getting found in a local search for your global organization? WebFuel puts you on the map!

French SEO

Oui – nous faissons aussi “SEO” pour les sites web canadiens français!

And… sometimes Google (and the other major Search Engines) just get things wrong. Nothing to do with you. After all, it’s a bunch of web spiders doing the indexing – which is based on numerous and ever-evolving algorithms! At WebFuel, we love solving these SEO conundrums. So… yes – we can help!

We believe SEO measurement (ROI) is all about conversions. This goes beyond rankings & clicks.

Brands that trust us with their search data

WebFuel Client: Alcatel Lucent

At WebFuel, we love data, and explaining it in plain English. We are easy to talk to.

Got questions? Not sure how to get started? We can help!

Get Rankings. Get Clicks. Get Conversions.

Who we are

WebFuel is an experienced, ethical and knowledgeable full-service Search Results Agency committed to helping International and Canadian clients be successful on the web.

Our Credentials

WebFuel is a trusted Google Partner. Google AdWords Certified. Google Analytics Qualified.