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WebFuel is pleased to announce a new client reporting system for search engine rankings. We are releasing this just in time to mark our 5th year in business. There are a number of new and exciting initiatives during the months of September and October planned to celebrate this event. This is the second (of five)!

How do you know if your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are paying off?

One way is to monitor your rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Our Search Engine Rankings Report is based on the client’s website, their selected keywords and targeted search engines. It provides exact ranking positions at a specific point in time.

Website Search Engine Rankings Report

Key Features:

  1. Specific Search Engines
    Your rankings can be tracked for any of the major Canadian Search Engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) in both the English and French versions (and each search variation options). If required, you can also track other country-specific engines (USA, China, France etc…). And …. Of course there is the option of customized reports – i.e. Google Rankings Report.
  2. Site Ranking Position Data
    Your website ranking for each keyword is shown for the top three pages in SERPs (Top 10, Top 20, Top 30) as well those within the top 100 ranking position. You can also view this data by specific search engine. Subsequent reports can let you know if your rankings have moved up, down or not changed.
  3. Ranked Web Pages
    You can also determine which URLs (or web pages) are appearing in Google results (or in the other major search engines). In other words, which pages have been successfully optimized for search (for a particular keyword). This, of course, is very useful information from a SEO perspective.
  4. Language Specific Keywords
    Your website’s position for keywords in both English and French can be monitored. This is helpful for those businesses with bilingual sites – especially since English and French language search differ greatly.
  5. Time Efficient
    This report eliminates manual searches and spending countless hours checking your website’s positions in search engines. It also documents and tracks keywords and search engine performance over time.

If your site depends on search engine placement for traffic, website conversions and/or sales leads, this data can greatly benefit your business. Ongoing analysis is the foundation of a good strategic Search Engine Optimization Plan.

At WebFuel, we believe strongly in accountability and client reporting. This improved Website Rankings Report of course is the newest addition to our SEO Reports.