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SEO Audit

WebFuel specializes in unbiased, extensive in-depth customized SEO audits for multilingual / multiregional and complex websites.

We were one of the first agencies to offer this service (since 2004). It continues to be at the core of what we do for our SEO clients. Why? An audit reveals what is working, what’s not – and what issues need to be addressed. An audit is the foundation of building a strong, successful, and long-lasting SEO strategy.

How WebFuel Gets Results

WebFuel performs a detailed analysis which is manual (not automated) by experienced SEO Auditors. We specialize in:

  • Consulting (on recommendations)
  • Implementation Support (and training if required)
  • Customized Reports (with supporting documentation)

SEO Audit (En/Fr) / Entreprise SEO
Helen was a tremendous help to us and provided excellent customer service. Her expertise in SEO, both in the technical & non-technical areas provided valuable insight for us. Her approach was customized based on our unique requirements and her prioritized recommendations were based on best practice for SEO optimization. She was so helpful in helping our team understand SEO better, both our immediate team directly involved in the process and our broader content generator audience.

Miriam Lehman

Manager, Web Services, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) | Société canadienne d'hypothèques et de logement (SCHL)

So What Is Our Approach?

WebFuel tackles each audit based on a number of factors, which (of course) vary from client to client. It really depends on the overall SEO challenge our client is dealing with. We have encountered many different types. But the most common issues are related to:

  • Site migration
  • Drastic drop web traffic or rankings
  • Lack of results from organic search (branded and/or non-branded keywords)
  • Negative SEO
  • Search Engine penalty

We also see many cases of poor positioning in search from a geographic perspective especially for multilingual and multiregional websites.

At WebFuel our audits are based on current search engine guidelines (yes – they make all the rules) and the latest ever-changing algorithms. Hence our auditing processes are constantly evolving. And… yes everything we do is customized to your unique requirements. All of our analysis is manual. We never, ever use automated software (automated = very generic results). There is a science and an art to what we do!

We work as your private “Search Detective”. And… keep your audit results strictly confidential (with or without a non-disclosure agreement). Our audits are unbiased. In other words, we tell it like it is. No matter how nice you may think we are!

Having issues appearing in organic search results? Not sure why? We can help! Here’s how:

SEO Audit

Are organic search results critical to your bottom line? This is our most extensive in-depth audit. It takes into consideration everything that can be crawled and indexed by the search engines (including the technical aspects). It also goes beyond your website(s) and includes how your brand is playing out in the search engine results pages via all your web properties. This audit leaves no stone unturned.

SEO Site Audit

Is your website performing poorly in organic search? Or are you planning on redesigning your website and want to ensure search engines are taken into consideration? The focus of this website audit is based on the client’s search issues and/or challenges. Who knows, you could have been affected by an algorithm update. It could be an innocent mistake on your part. Or perhaps a misguided SEO tweak. We’ll tell you straight up. And.. our customized audit for site redesigns also include post website launch strategy.

SEO Technical Site Audit

Is your website experiencing difficulty appearing in the search results? This is similar to the SEO Site Audit as it only relates to your website. The primary difference is that the focus is technical in nature. The audit process is on indexation, crawlability and other barriers that may exist from a spider (you know… those anonymous search bots that crawl websites… Ewwww!) perspective.

Bilingual (English & French)

Just in case you are wondering – we have done audits for bilingual websites too! Oui nous faisons des audits de sites bilingues également.

At WebFuel, we love addressing these SEO mysteries. And… yes we have plenty of experience doing so — in multiple industries!

WebFuel’s audit reports are written in non-technical language (so they are easy to understand). Our recommended strategies are designed to address your web property’s unique issues. They are prioritized, (so you know what to address first) as well as the fixes are labelled from simple to complex. And… based on your requirements our report can also be drafted in actionable item format for your content and/or web development person/team (in case you want to do the work in-house).

Brands that trust us with their search data

WebFuel Client: Nokia

Is organic search your primary marketing channel? It should be.

At WebFuel, we love data, and explaining it in plain English. We are easy to talk to.

Got questions? Not sure how to get started? We can help!

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