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At WebFuel, we always recommend a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Site Audit for our new clients. We strongly believe that this is a good starting point for any SEO campaign. A website audit by a qualified Search Engine Optimizer will provide a good solid understanding of what is working – and what is NOT. Bottom line: You cannot implement an effective optimization strategy for any website without this insight and knowledge.

Just like other qualified Search Engine Optimization firms, we have a standardized SEO website audit process that we go through. There are certain elements that should always be addressed. However, having said that, each company’s website, marketing goals and industry are unique. As a result, each SEO Site Audit is custom-tailored for our clients.

Site Review Requests

Website AuditSince the foundation of WebFuel is built on education and we specialize in doing SEO Site Audits, we believe that sharing reviews on sites from an SEO perspective would be beneficial for our readers. The core issue for the evaluated websites would be addressed and posted on our blog: Search Engine Visibility: Simplified.

While clearly a review is not as extensive as an actual SEO audit with detailed reporting, it will help the site owners and our readers learn more about search engine optimization (SEO).

We invite you to submit:
• Your Name / Company Name / Contact Information
• Website Address (URL)
• Keywords (up to three)

You must be a Canadian business to apply. In addition, you will need to agree to having the SEO site review published on our blog along with your company name, logo and web address. We will select and feature one website to review on a quarterly basis.

Submit your website for a basic Search Engine Optimization Review today!