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Helen FaberThis is the official kick-off of SEO Wednesdays Canada. I would like to start by introducing myselfMy name is Helen Faber. I am the President & Lead Search Strategist at WebFuel. We are a Canadian Search Results Agency – based in Ottawa, Canada.

What is SEO Wednesdays?

The concept behind SEO Wednesdays is education. It will be based on Canadian Search – or in some cases Local Search in Canada. Why? Because of the lack of understanding, confusion and too often misinformation that is frequently published on this topic.

Let’s Start with Basic Truths

I thought I’d kick things off with some basic truths for Canadians. A recent article in a local newspaper kicked off this topic. They did not get it right.

At its core, SEO is all about making your businesses more discoverable to the world at large through a search engine, such as Google.com.

Really? We think that the questions that should be asked are…

1. Which Geographic Area are You Targeting?

If you are getting found in a Global Search, but your business services Ottawa, you have got it wrong. The biggest issue I find related to Search when I perform SEO audits is geotargeting. The area you are doing business in needs to be clearly defined – and optimized for the relevant Search Engines.

2. Which Search Engine?

If you are getting found via a Search Engine that your prospects don’t use, you have got it wrong. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of Search Engines worldwide. In Canada, most searchers use Google. As in Google Canada (or Google.ca). Searching via Google.com is an option (although less popular).

3. What is SEO, Really?

This really depends on who you ask. SEO has evolved over time (started before Google was on the scene). There are still many outdated concepts of what it really is. SEO is no longer simply about being displayed in the Search Engines. It should be about getting results via Search.

What do I mean? It should go beyond rankings and driving web traffic. Is should be about web conversions.

About SEO Wednesdays Canada

SEO Wednesdays is a Canadian Education Series hosted by WebFuel. It is intended for those who need to get found in a Canadian Search. Topics are driven by real search related scenarios in Canada.

Got a question? Just ask!