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The WebFuel team have  just returned from an action packed 4 days at SES New York. As its name implies, Search Engine Strategies New York is the premier gathering place for everything & everyone (who is serious!) about “Search”. This year’s version took place at the prestigious Hilton New York; with just under 4000 people in attendance. To say things were “crazy” there is an understatement. But of course the conference did take place in New York City!

Helen Faber @ SES New York


My original intention was to capture my reflections of the entire conference in this Blog post. However, there is simply too much to report on. So I will restrict my commentary to the keynote address which was delivered by one of the most respected individuals in our industry – Avinash Kaushik; better known as @Avinash on Twitter.

Avinash is a very sought-after presenter. Most likely due to his amazing level of expertise, which is coupled with a “unique presentation style”. Plus, he is just a nice person!

Analytics Ninja Avinash Kaushik


It is hard to describe what it is like attending one of Avinash’s speeches. Save it to say he utilizes a unique vernacular with superlatives such as “insane focus”, “enormously awesome” being mingled with the word orgasmic which was attached to a mundane topic (for some) such as Analytics data. I never knew that Google Analytics data could derive an individual so much pleasure (tongue in cheek). This fellow gets his enjoyment from some of the world’s most obscure subjects. However, his absolute giddiness is infectious, and the audience was enthralled throughout his 60-minute oratory.

Avinash and His 'Unique' Presentation Style


Avinash clearly articulated why we (anyone who is online) may need to rethink their approach to their online marketing efforts in order to create the best experience possible for the consumers of their content. And (of course) to gain the most value possible for their online investment.

After the usual discussion on web presences and the value derived by web surfers from same, his focus switched to the implementation of Social Media inasmuch as people tend to jump on every Social Media bandwagon in order to “be there” (Me paraphrasing what I heard. 😉 ) . This is often done without having a clue as to the value derived from the efforts expended. Rather we tend to see a “shiny toy” and quickly look at ways to acquire it. These were words that ring a bell with yours truly as I often wonder how many social media profiles an organization can effectively leverage, no less manage.  Case in point, Twitter. Unless you are committed to “Tweeting” on a regular and consistent basis, don’t have a Twitter profile (account). You will come across as being a lame duck who is just another wannabe. I digress.

Of course, Avinash was laying the groundwork for something that has been brewing for some time now in our industry. And that is how does one truly measure one’s “Social Media effectiveness”? A rhetorical question for Avinash as he had just prepped the audience for Google’s announcement (link to Google Analytics Blog Post) of the addition of the ability to provide just what the doctor ordered. And that is the ability to track the effectiveness of one’s social media efforts in a more concise and effective manner. Anyone who is familiar with Google Analytics will know that until this week, doing so has been relatively complicated and time consuming. Especially if you are not in GA on a daily basis as I am.

Avinash’s presentation closed with his urging the listeners to be more strategic in terms of measuring the value of their Online Marketing (including Social Media) efforts. No more guessing. Less assumptions…. Stronger focus. Be “laser-like”! I couldn’t agree more!

Les Faber & Avinash Kaushik @ SES NY


Are you paying attention to your social media profiles and the value derived from each?

As a footnote, I plan on delving into Google’s new Social Media Measurement tool in a future Blog post.