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If you like following the latest Internet trends, you will know that blogging is still the rage. According to Technorati (blog search engine), it tracks almost 113 million blogs on the web and over 175,000 new blogs every day. Currently there are over 1.6 million blog entries per day, or over 18 updates a second.

So what is a Blog anyway?
blog (blŏg) n. weblog.
An online journal in a web page format. It is frequently updated. Posts appear in chronological order with the most recent one at the top.

What does this mean for a business? Blogging can be a good idea – or not. It all depends. Here are a few basic considerations.

Why blog?

1) Gives you a voice
Cyberspace has become very crowded. You, and likely all your competitors have a website. Blogging will give you a voice in your industry based on your niche. It also creates a human element to an electronic communication tool.

2) Demonstrate your expertise
A blog allows you to address issues in your field. It can position you and your company as the thought leader in your industry.

3) Get found on the web
Google and other search engines crawl and index sites that are updated often. As a result, your ranking in SERP (search engine result pages) will improve.

When not to blog!

1) You don’t enjoy writing
Blogs are a written medium. If you do not enjoy writing then     the chances are you won’t like blogging.

2) You are not self-disciplined
A blogger must make regular posts. If you don’t you will not build your readership or get found by search engines (they love new content). This is a long-term commitment.

3) You do not have the time
Blogging does take up your time – and you must blog even if you are busy running your business. Business blogs often fail for this reason.

A blog that works

In The New Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott writes about a Grant D. Griffiths who blogs to the local public on family law issues in Kansas. As a result of his targeted blog, this Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer is hired for two or three cases each week – and no longer does print Yellow Page ads.

Is a blog right for you and your business? If you are reading this blog entry you will know that is right for me and my business!