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By now we’ve all heard of Twitter. With an estimated 12 million active users, it is by far the fastest growing Social Media site in the world. Despite it’s popularity, there are plenty of Twitter skeptics and people who just don’t “get it”. Some say that it is a waste of time or only a place for people to post useless thoughts like “this morning I ate Cheerios for breakfast…YUM!”. Although some Tweets may seem irrelevant to one person, it may be very interesting and useful to others. There are many people and companies out there that use Twitter with a purpose – to accomplish a goal or to get an important point across. With that in mind, we decided to try and find those people and companies and ask them about their Tweeting.

Here at WebFuel, we want to know: “Why do you Tweet?”

Tweeter’s Profile

Name: Bishop’s University
Industry Type:
Tweeting Since: March 2009

Founded in 1843, Bishop’s University is one of Canada’s oldest and most well-respected universities. Bishop’s is located alongside the Massawippi River in Lennoxville, Québec and has about 1800 full-time students.


We spoke with former Student Representative Council President and current Recruitment and Admissions Officer Mark Lawson about Bishop’s University on Twitter.

Why do you Tweet?

Bishop’s University began using Twitter in early 2009 as a means of communication to keep their stakeholders informed about what is going on at Bishop’s. These people could be alumni, staff, faculty, prospective and current students. Twitter is a tool that they use effectively to keep the people that are important to them up to date and informed in real-time.

What do you Tweet about?

Bishop’s Tweets about anything that might be important to their stakeholders. This includes basic university information, recent news, upcoming events, sports scores, new programs, or even links to Bishop’s YouTube videos. These videos, which often feature Bishop’s students or faculty members, help elaborate on Tweets and give readers more detailed information with a visual component.

Bishop's University on Twitter

Bishop’s University uses Twitter to drive traffic to their YouTube page.

What are your Tweeting goals?

One of the main goals that Bishop’s wants to accomplish with Twitter is to connect with prospective students. They feel that using Social Media can and will be a very useful tool in student recruitment. In doing so, Bishop’s has begun to build a personal relationship with these individuals before they even arrive on campus.

Bishop’s University has the reputation of having a very strong, tight-knit community. They are known for building close, personal ties between their students, faculty and staff. That being said, Bishop’s is hoping that using Twitter will help them keep in touch with their alumni. The university boasts a very large and supportive alumni group, with over 11,000 graduates that once proudly called Bishop’s home. This sense of family is one of the things that makes Bishop’s such a great place to be. They know this, and they want to leverage it. Twitter allows them to help keep these relationships alive and strong. Relationships are built on communication. By using Twitter, Bishop’s University is effectively building and retaining their relationships with the people that are important to them.

Bishop’s University provides us with a great example of how and why an educational institution uses Twitter. How does your business use Twitter?

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