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Each year on Canada Day, WebFuel does something BIG. Why? Aside from being proudly Canadian, and wanting to celebrate our heritage, we are an agency that specializes in search and digital marketing in Canada. We feel that this day in particular is worthy of something awesome that reflects our commitment to everything related to Search. WebFuel is launching a completely redesigned (ubber tuned) website. This is the fifth time we have done this since 2004. What? You must be kidding? Nope! Five different websites is 8 years.

Why Another Website?

Yes we are guilty of redesigning our website; likely more often than most businesses. In our defense, the Search (and Web Development) industry continues to evolve at breakneck speeds. So we need to as well. And… improving visibility on the web and optimizing for search is what we do. So unlike the proverbial painter who often neglects his own dwelling, we have tried to maintain a focus on constant visual and technical improvement. Especially since our website is our primary shingle on the Internet.

Repositioning in Search

Positioning a website for search from a geographic perspective is at the core of what we do at WebFuel. It is critical for us to get found in a Canadian Search, both by domestic businesses as well as International companies that are targeting Canada. And… since Google is constantly rolling out updates to their search algorithms (52 in April alone!), we wanted to ensure that these recent changes were reflected in the core of our new website. And… of course carefully consideration of current search results (yes – we did an SEO Site Audit on ourselves) was factored into our SEO implementation strategy. Since we are a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency, it is critical for us to retain our website’s visibility and top rankings in the search engines. While this greatly increased our workload, it’s an investment that we felt we had to make in order to maintain our great rankings and competitive position. After all, our competitors are nipping at our heals – as in any industry. And, of course, a drop in our rankings upon the launch of our new website is not an option for us. After all we are serious about search!

Some of the goals we set for WebFuel:

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  • Better website content
  • Improved user experience
  • Smoother Social sharing
  • Solid CMS platform (We are sticking with WordPress)
  • Mobile friendly website (looks pretty tight on my iPhone!)
  • Implementation of new Value Proposition (Get Rankings, Get Clicks & Get Conversions)
  • Humanization (give visibility to the people engaged with WebFuel)
  • Improve upon site load times


Our clients are those that need to get found on the web in Canada. They are serious about search (like us) and care about visible results.

Do you need some SEO TLC with your current website? Or are you pondering the launch of a new brand and/or website? We’d be glad to lend a helping hand!

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