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WebFuel is pleased to officially announce the launch of our new website! We are rolling this out just in time to mark our 5th year in business. There are a number of new and exciting initiatives during the month of September planned to celebrate this event. This is the first (of five)!

So…why another site?

Yes we are guilty of redesigning our website; likely more often than most businesses. If you are counting, this is our fourth. In our defense, the Search (and Social Media) industry continues to evolve so we need to as well. And… improving visibility on the web and optimizing for search is what we do.

WebFuel's New Website

New Website Launch: September 1, 2009

This web redesign project has been in the works over the entire summer. We wanted to have a stronger visual design, paired with a more functional and user-friendly site that is also easy to maintain. It was important for us as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company to retain our site visibility and top rankings in the search engines. While this greatly increased our workload, it’s an investment that we felt we had to make.

Three key changes:

1. New Learning Centre
Education is at the core of WebFuel. There is now an entire learning section of the website that includes: Search and Social Media Glossary, SEO Education Blog – titled Search Engine Visibility: Simplified and features the Search Engine Visibility Education Series (onsite training and workshops).

2. Integration of Social Media
At WebFuel, we have rebranded ourselves as a Search and Social Media Company. This has been built into the new visual design. Yes – we have gone social! This includes a modification to our Blog that now allows for comments. You can also interact with WebFuel via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

3. Improved Search Visibility
Getting found in a search is what we do. The primary goal for this overhaul was to move to a CMS (Content Management System) platform that was more search friendly. WordPress (by default) is a search engine friendly platform – and optimization for search can be implemented quicker and easier with this web solution than most (if not all) CMS.

“The redesigned website will allow WebFuel to continue to get found in a search and make a better impression with web visitors as it is often the first point of contact with our business.” said founder Helen Faber.

What is the key to a successful web relaunch from an SEO perspective?

If you care about search, you must have a website visibility and search engine rankings retention plan in place (especially if your domain name and URL structure changes). This is too often overlooked. As a result, for most new websites, a drop in rankings occurs after its launch.

What are our site visitors saying?

“I love it! It’s professional, it’s social, it’s user friendly.” These are the types of reactions we are receiving from our site visitors.

Check it out for yourself > WebFuel.