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The search industry has seen many changes over the past decade. Some good. Some not so good. Recently the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) proposed an industry Code of Ethics. Sounds good – right? Not really, as it simply won’t be effective. Enforcement would prove to be difficult – if not impossible.

That leaves agencies (like ourselves) an opportunity to share what we believe in….

At WebFuel, we believe that you should know the people behind the business. We only display authentic (and verifiable) client testimonials. You should also know our guiding principles (which we have updated for 2017).

These are our guiding principals:


WebFuel is an ethical agency. We adhere to the constantly evolving Search Engine Guidelines. Nothing new. Just simply restating it. We have a clean record. We never have and never will spam the Search Engines. We do all of our client work in-house. We never outsource – just so you know.

Best Practices

WebFuel adheres to best practices (which also means staying on top of the numerous search algorithms updates). For new clients, who require search campaigns, we recommend an audit. Why? Without one, we are simply guessing at what needs to be done to help improve their search results. We don’t believe that “guessing” is a good strategy. Nor is it a best practice!

Non-Compete Clause

Not all agencies offer a non-compete clause. We do. Why? Because we believe that it would be unethical to take on more than one client per industry vertical, sector or market in the same geographic area.


We believe strongly in transparency. Clients should know what we are doing on their behalf. This includes full reporting (not automated reports that often mean nothing) as well as access to data (which includes account access).


Anything “canned”, “packaged” or “automated” rarely works. We provide a customized approach based on our clients’ unique challenges in search. This also means manual analysis. In all the years that we have done audits, the results have never been the same from one client to another.


Last but not least, we believe in education. Our industry can be a very confusing one for most clients. At WebFuel, we help them understand – walk them through the reports, the process and answer related questions.

There you have it. This is what we at WebFuel believe in and stand for.

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