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The search engine advertising field has lots of acronyms. What does CPA, CPC, CTR, GAP, GYM, PFI, PFL, PPC, SE, SEM, SEMPO, SEP and SERP mean? I, like many other search engine marketers, use these terms with our paid search clients all the time. For those new to search, WebFuel has drafted a list of the most common terms used.

Here is a basic list of PPC acronyms – and what they stand for.

CPA: Cost Per Action. Also stands for Cost Per Acquisition.
CPC: Cost-Per-Click. Also commonly known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC).
CTR: Click Through Rate
GAP: Google Advertising Professional
GYM: Google Yahoo MSN
PFI: Pay For Inclusion
PFL: Paid For Listings
PPC: Pay-Per-Click
SE: Search Engine
SEM: Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Marketer
SEMPO: Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization
SEP: Search Engine Placement.  Also stands for Search Engine Positioning and Search Engine Promotion.
SERP: Search Engine Results Page

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