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It’s almost like code, and it can sound like a foreign language. But these industry acronyms are really quite straightforward. Below you will find a list of SEO and industry related acronyms to help you get started in understanding the terminology of this industry. These are the more common ones that are worthwhile learning:

BL: Backlink
CMS: Content Management System
GWO: Google Website Optimizer
GYM: Google Yahoo MSN
HTML: HyperText Markup Language
IBL: Inbound Link
LPO: Landing Page Optimization
OBL: Outbound Link
ORM: Online Reputation Management
PR: PageRank
RI: Regular index
RSS: Really Simple Syndication
SE: Search Engine
SEM: Search Engine Marketing
SEO: Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Optimizer
SERP: Search Engine Results Page
SMM: Social Media Marketing
SMO: Social Media Optimization
TLA: Text Link Ads
TR: Trust Rank
URL: Uniform Resource Locator (domain name)

For SEO definitions, visit the WebFuel search engine visibility glossary.