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A landing page, also known as a destination page, is the first web page on a site that a web visitor lands on. Often it is the website’s homepage. But technically any page of the site that has been indexed by search engines is a potential landing page. And… of course, a company can make use of specific landing pages via their online and offline marketing initiatives.

Common landing page sources can include:

  • Search result
    A search engine user clicks on a natural listing or a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad on a search engine results page (SERP).
  • Internet ad
    A web user clicks on a banner ad that appears on a website.
  • Email promotion
    An email reader clicks on a promotion in an email marketing campaign.

Landing pages, however, are not always the result of a link. Offline advertising strategies can send web visitors to targeted destination pages as well. As a result of a print, radio and/or television marketing campaign, the prospective customer types in the URL (i.e. www.yourcompanyname.ca/abcproduct) into an Internet browser – and lands on a specific page.

Regardless of how a web visitor arrives on your landing page, you need to track, optimize and test to ensure conversion.

Are you managing your landing pages?