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If you are new to SEO (search engine optimization), you may not be familiar with the term “snippet” but you have likely seen them often. Snippets appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) as natural listings. They are based on a web search query.

There are three main parts to a snippet.

A snippet includes a title, summary and a web link.

Here is an example of a snippet web visitors see when they search for the company  “WebFuel” in Google.

The title (which appears on the top in bold) is typically the name of the website.

The short description appears below the title. This often comes from either the description meta tag, content from a web page or information pulled from DMOZ open directory. Please note: Google may modify what is retrieved from the above sources to make the summary more relevant for the web searcher.

Web Address

This is always the last line with a clickable link to the related web page.

Try a search on your company name and check out the results.

Should you be improving your Google snippets?

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