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An organic listing, also known as natural, is a search listing found on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) naturally. These listings are provided by a search engine as a result of a keyword query. It is often a website but can also be a blog or other information source. Unlike paid ads, it shows up for free.

Search engines use web crawlers to find, index and rank information on the web. The order in which search results are displayed is based on relevancy according to that engine’s algorithm. Natural listings are found on the left side of the page.
To help rank your site higher in organic search results, search engine optimization strategies and techniques are required. In contrast to paid ads, this process takes time for the changes to appear. However, it is a good investment. Research shows that web browsers respond to different kinds of search results. Organic results are still viewed more often. There are those who believe that unpaid search engine listings from a business can be trusted as they have earned their way to the top.

How do you rank in organic search results?