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Social Media, also commonly known as “New Media”, has become widely popular over the past few years. And… no, it is not just a fad. In 2009, you will need to pay close attention to Social Media as it will continue to become more prominent on the web.

So what is Social Media exactly?

WebFuel: Social Media

Social Media is online communication, or web-based conversations, that are centered on user interaction within unique communities around shared interests.

All social software enables user-generated (consumer-generated) content and depending on which tool is used, it can also include photos, videos and audio.

Social Media includes: social networks, blogs, wikis, podcasts, forums, content communities and microblogging.

Here are a few examples of Social Media sites (with lots of Google “juice”):

1. Facebook is social networking website for personal use and for businesses
Popularity: Currently has over 130 million active users. (January 2009)

2. LinkedIn is another social networking site but focused on the business side.
Popularity: Over 34 million professionals use this site. (January 2009)

3. YouTube is a video sharing website.
Popularity: 3rd most visited site (after Yahoo! and Google – Janurary 2009).

Are you overlooking Social Media in your online marketing campaign?