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Well… it’s another year and many of you are making New Year’s predictions and resolutions. From a business perspective, you will likely set some goals for 2008. I would strongly recommend including “managing your reputation online” this year.

Why is this important? Approximately 90% of Internet users turn to the web to find information. Doing searches on businesses and individuals are on a steady increase. These search trends are expected to continue to rise in 2008.

It is important to note that search query results are based on relevancy. What does that mean exactly? They are not always accurate – or may not present you in the manner in which you promote your business or yourself.

Do you know what web searchers are finding out about your company?

Ideally, you want to:

1) Get found on the web
2) Have a good online reputation
3) Have a system in place to protect it

If you don’t have time or the expertise, then outsource. My prediction for 2008 is that managing your online reputation will become something that you and your business cannot afford to overlook.

How does your online reputation fair?