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Updated on July 29, 2015

More and more businesses are undertaking a search engine optimization (SEO) site audit because they cannot get found on the web, or want to improve their rankings in search results. In a nutshell, this audit lets you know what is working, what is not – and how to proceed. It also gives you a baseline to track your SEO over time.

What key factors should be included in your SEO Site Audit Report?

It should include the current search effectiveness of a site, areas of concern and suggestions for improvement.

1) Snapshot > advises you where you are at the time of the audit. An evaluation can include website structure, content, links, domain name, search engine friendliness, web traffic analysis and findability in organic searches. In some cases, it can also include what your competition is doing.

2) Red Flags > advises you of areas of concern that require action.
Based on the evaluation process, the SEO site audit can determine (for example) if your site has been blacklisted, cannot be indexed by search engines due to site design or the wrong domain name is being used.

3) Recommendations > advises you of ways to improve your SEO status. This usually includes consultation which identifies solutions that can be implement either in-house or outsourced to your SEO Company. It should be based on your budget, taking into account your web marketing goals as well as your timeline.

Isn’t time for you to take the first step towards improving your search engine results?