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Google rolled out many (too many) new Search features and algorithm changes in 2011. It’s been quite the year – especially for those of us that work in Search. Google turned 13 this year, and in our opinion, the search engine displayed some teenage behaviours (ugh!). While there were many new challenges in the SEO industry, Google also entertained us with it’s many Google Doodles. Using Google Canada today, you’ll be able to enjoy their “2012 New Year’s Doodle”. And… every year-end, also a WebFuel favourite, Google published Zeitgeist. It’s based on how the world searched (or Googled) during the year. From a global perspective, the engine created this awesome video capturing the year based on popular as well as trending search terms from 48 different countries.

We predict that the use of Search will only continue to grow in 2012. Search On!